9:00pm -    Dwight and Nicole

7:30pm -   STUFF BROS

6:00pm -   Caren Kennedy and Friends

9:00pm -    Danielle Mitraglia

7:30pm -   Elaine Romanelli

6:00pm -   Olivia Frances

4:30pm -    Katie Henry Band

2:30pm -   Lisa Brigantino w/ Lori Brigantino

1:00pm -  Karen Dalhstrom

12:00pm -   The Collins Brothers

Quarry Stage

​6:30pm -   Max Hatt/Edda Glass

5:00pm -    Michaela McClain

3:30pm -   Kevin Daniel

2:15pm -   Brendan Fletcher

1:00pm -  Joseph Miller

11:45am -   Spook Handy

9:30pm -    KC Cary

8:00pm -   Karl Dietel Five

6:30pm -   The Mike Montrey Band

Schedule - full list coming soon

Quarry Stage

River Stage

7:00pm -   Ellis Paul

5:30pm -   Willy Porter and Carmen Nickerson

4:00pm - Gregg Cagno

2:45pm -  The Sharar Sisters

1:30pm -   Jann Klose

12:25pm - Jenny and the Felines

Quarry Stage

River Stage

Schedule for 21st Annual

Black Potatoe Music Festival 

July 13-16th, 2017 -

Red Mill Museum - Clinton, NJ

Quarry Stage

9:30pm -    Scott Sharrard and the Brickyard Band

8:00pm -   The Bruce Katz Band

6:30pm -   Pat O'Shea

9:00pm -    The End of America

7:30pm -   Experiment 34

6:00pm -   Jay Thatcher and Steve and Owen O'Malley

River Stage

9:30pm -    The Matt Angus Thing

8:00pm -   Nalani and Sarina

6:30pm -   Teniea

5:15pm -   Joy Ike

4:00pm - Bellehouse 

1:30pm -  Halley DeVestern

12:30pm -   ilyAimy

11:00am -   Lo8

River Stage